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K. Dawn Byrd, Author: Register to win Pamela S Meyers' "Thyme for Love"

K. Dawn Byrd, Author: Register to win Pamela S Meyers' "Thyme for Love"

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Review of "The Bride Accused" #8 of the Civil War Series writenn by Tracey Jane Jackson

Tracey Jane Jackson has written a series of books that draw you into their mystery, romance, and time travel to the Civil War Era. Her characters are so vivid, and the stories so interesting, you get drawn into each book and can't put them down until you turn the final page. I have found in reading the entire series to date that she always finds new ways to tell each story, and although you may not have read each of the books they stand alone as great stories each. The series is never predictable as you might think it would be, the books are full of fun and some great laughs as the people from the present are thrown into each story of their own with characters in the Civil War Era. The mix is a great story each and the latest, The Bride Accused...Number 8 in the Civil War Series does not disappoint. I have to say, each time I find a book is my favorite, Tracey will write another that upon reading it, will become an even better read, each different in their own way. The Bride Accused was a great read, one I couldn't put down and I look forward to any future books that Tracey may write.

Here is the description of "The Bride Accused" as found in Amazon:

Jessica Battaglia, an RN at Harrisburg Hospital, is drugged and framed for her grandfather’s murder. While in the interrogation room at the police station, she finds herself transported to a remote area where she meets a mysterious stranger. Inexplicably drawn to the gorgeous young man, she’s pulled into an adventure she could have never imagined.

Travis Wade is a deserter, but presumed dead in the Union Army. He’s being hunted by unknown assailants and in his journey to get to safety, he comes upon a beautiful woman who turns his world upside down. Falling in love with her was not the plan and she is not what he expected, but he cannot resist her, even though she refuses his offer of marriage.

When she disappears, will he be able to find her?
Will she finally trust him enough to give him her heart?