Saturday, December 26, 2009

I've been a bit neglectful! New posts to start again soon.

We have been busy doing a major move for my Mother In Law, who is legally blind, deaf without her hearing aids, and has mild dementia.  She is pretty adverse to change, but decided she wanted to leave Saginaw and come to live in a new assisted living apartment home near us.  Yeah for us, as we no longer have to drive 100 miles each way to visit her every two weeks!  It has been four weeks of work to find the right place, drive up pack, dive back again and pack, move, and then spend days unpacking her entire new apartment and finding places for all of the things she decided or we decided to keep.  She went from a 2 bedrooms to a 1 bedroom.  She is doing pretty well all things considered, our holidays have been committed to her.

I've neglected my blogging.  I'm sorry I haven't been able to new things posted here.  I should be able to get back to it soon!

In the mean time, be sure to visit Good Reads and look up books and then giveaways.  You can register to win books!  Also visit Fresh Fiction and Writerspace.  Those are new places contests  have been posted for the next month of January.

I'll be back here in January 2010 to start posting new contests as I find them.  In the meantime those I've given you and the rest of the holiday season should keep you busy!

Thanks and best wishes!