Sunday, June 22, 2014

Book Revew - The No-Kids Club by Tali Roland - A First Reads Book Sent For Review

I won this book as a First Reads book here on Good Reads of course they hope that you will write a review and I always do. I found this book to be a great beach read, you can kind of finsish this book in ome long day, it's an easy read a fun story.
Clare Donoghue who is pushing forty finds that her boyfriend all of a sudden announces he wants children and that ends their fabulous relationship. Or at least what she thought was fabulous. She absolutely does not want children, I could kind of relate to Clare as I always knew I would never have children although my choices were based on my health, and I guess my background, which is what in the end has built Clare's decision also. Clare finds that all of her friends are busy with having kids and play dates and she either cant' see them or she does and they only want to talk about their lives with their children issues......she just doesn't relate well with that so she decides she is going to start a NO-Kids Club! She meets a young man who helps her by getting her on television on a Wake Up London program, and her club is off to a very promising start! The first few members though are what the book concentrates on, their lives and issues in addition to Clares. There is Poppy, a woman desparate and unable to conceive, and Anna who is trying everything she can to jump start her marriage that has gone stale. So in the end you find out if for Clare, is living child-free al it's cracked up to be? A very fun read, as i said, easy to finish in a long afternoon, I really enjoyed the book. 
Here is the description as found on Good Reads: At almost forty, Clare Donoghue is living child-free and loving it.

Then her boyfriend says he wants kids, breaking off their promising relationship. And it's not just boyfriends: one by one, her formerly carefree friends are swallowed up in a nonstop cycle of play dates and baby groups. So Clare decides it's time for people who don't have children to band together. And so the No-Kids Club is born.

As the group comes together?Anna, who's seeking something to jumpstart a stale marriage, and Poppy, desperate for a family but unable to conceive?Clare's hoping to make the most of the childless life with her new friends.

Will the No-Kids Club be Clare's route to happiness, or will the single life lose its sparkle