Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Bartender's Mail Order Bride by Cindy Caldwell / Four Stars!!

I found this book to be a fun read!  Sam is a bartender, he is the best friend of Nutmeg's brother so she finds out that Sam is putting an advertisement out for a mail order bride and what he thinks would be good qualities in a wife.  She has six sisters.  She has been quietly crushing on Sam for a few years and she decides to quietly answer Sam's advertisement.  She doesn't give her real name.  Sam has a real need to get a wife and quickly, he's been letting his Mom know for a few years that he had a great business and a wife.  She is coming to visit.  The entire thing is really set up to fail, but the entire town gets behind helping him out.  Nutmeg's Father says she can't marry Sam, but he is told she is of an age she can do as she pleases and she pleases to marry Sam.  I can't tell you anything more or how this works out, that would ruin the story for you!!  You really should read this book it is fun!
The description as found on Good Reads is: Nutmeg Archer has had enough of being invisible in a family of six girls—especially since the man she’s pining for doesn’t notice her, either. When she finds out he needs a mail-order bride in a hurry, she hatches a plan to get him to notice her, one way or another. 

Sam Allen gave up his career ambitions and left New York for Tombstone, Arizona, and a new start. He enjoys his job as a bartender—and is very good at it. But because he knew his mother would not approve, he told a white lie that he never thought would be found out. When his high-society mother unexpectedly decides to make a trip to visit, he needs to make that fib a reality—and fast. 

Sam is dismayed to discover that he has only one positive response to his ad—and to say that he is surprised by who it is is an understatement. It also presents him with a dilemma—what to do when the only person who will marry him is someone he shouldn’t be marrying?