Thursday, September 15, 2016

All At Sea by Tracy Pedersen - 5 Stars - A great one day read! A romance with a plot with twists and turns!

I loved this read. I've been ill couldn't sleep so have been reading a lot!  I did receive this book in kindle format in exchange for an honest review.  No problem!
This is the story of Jenna (a romance writer with two best sellers) who has hit writer's block.  She tries everything, even had a one night stand with a fellow who won't leave her alone later, just to see if that would give her ideas.  Then she signs up to go on a whale watching sea cruise, even though she gets sea sick......she runs into Ryan a man who appears to be with his Mom, his sister and his fiance....she finds by listening they are fighting almost the entire time and he isn't engaged to her he isn't dating her any more.  He and Jenna have an immediate sizzle between them!  Some how, you'll have to read it, they get tossed overboard and end up the only survivors on a very small island and once he wakes from a head injury they have an idyllic (except for no food) several days on the island before they are rescued.  They think they will go home and be together, others have a different scenario in mind!  Her crazy one night stand and his crazy ex girlfriend plot to keep them apart.  The characters in this book are so real, you feel as if you know them. The plot has many twists and turns without any obvious holes and keeps you drawn into the story until the last page.
Great read, pick this one up!
Here is the description as found on Good Reads: Romance. Sizzle. Intrigue. A whale watching cruise, gone wrong, throws two strangers together for an exciting adventure!

Jenna Michaels has spent the last two years wrapped up in writing her three best-selling novels. She's quit her job and is now a full-time writer. Then the unthinkable happens. The words just dry up. Hell-bent on finding inspiration for her fourth novel, Jenna throws herself out into the world to rediscover her writing talent.

She needs the words to fly from her fingers again.

Ryan Price is attempting to extricate himself from his ex-girlfriend who refuses to let go. He's not happy to discover she's been in contact with his mother behind his back. To an outsider on this beautiful day, he seems grumpy and aloof.

When Jenna and Ryan meet aboard the Ulysses III there is instant sizzle. Being surrounded by a boatload of strangers can't cool their attraction and it's hands-on all the way.

Their fascination with one another quickly becomes a desperate struggle for survival when disaster and tragedy strike in the blink of an eye.

Between some sticky family influences and a tragic turn of events, can they survive their need to be together? Does romance on the beach equal love in the real world? Will the tragedy that follows their first meeting drive them together or pull them apart?

The Finding Sweet Love Series -
Book 1 - All At Sea (available now)
Book 2 - All Adrift - (due September 2016)
Book 3 - All Ashore (due December 2016)
Book 4 - All Together Now (due November 2016 - Part of a special Christmas Romance Box Set)
Each book in the Finding Sweet Love Series can be read as a standalone novel.  Of course, reading them in order is always the most fun!

All At Sea is the first published fiction novel for non-fiction writer Tracey Pedersen. She promises you a fun read with enough twists to keep you interested. Best of all, you'll never suffer through a cliffhanger ending in one of her stories!

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