Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Married This Year by Tracey Pedersen - five stars!

Ever been jealous of someone getting engaged? Do something about it, this girl did! A fun read!
Married This Year I loved this book! It was a fast read, one day, too much fun, a group of girls gather at the bar and one of them has a boyfriend who is there and he asks his girlfriend to marry him, of course she said yes! The others are happy for her but a bit jealous. The main character is drunk as all the girls are when she decides by New Years Eve next year she will be married! So they help her make a list of the attributes of the perfect guy, and they throw in a deal breakers. Her's is they must own a car! They put her on every dating site, but Tinder? is the first one they get her on. She must make a date with everyone who asks her and she must go on at least two dates a month. She tells them it's a deal and they agree to meet. The story that follows is great, some laugh out loud scenes (especially if you have ever dated losers) some of the losers are even worse than some I ran into......I'm married now. I can't tell you how it ends up, but I can tell you it will be a surprise, but you probably will figure it out, about the time the author is leading you in that direction. If it was summer I would say it would be a great beach read. Instead snuggle up in your bed or in front of a fire, get your hot chocolate ready and read! You'll be glad you did!