Friday, April 21, 2017

Kisses Under The Spotlight Alex Jackson Series Book 1 - by Joanne Dannon - 5 Stars!

This book was a quick read for me!  I really enjoyed the story of superstar Alex Jackson (he sings, taps, a little of everything to old Gershwin style music) and physiotherapist Violet McKenna.  She, was working at a hotel, on call for anyone who had an injury in the hotel, when she is called in to look at Alex Jacksons ankle.  He jumped from the top of a piano and landed wrong.  She always thought that he was soooooo handsome and talented, even had a calendar and a few pictures up in her bedroom.  After she meets him, she throws those away, she was so disappointed that he was such a prima donna.  When he asks her to join his tour so that she can keep his ankle in performance ready shape, she had to be really convinced to join because her first contact with him wasn't so great.  She finds he can be nice, down to earth, when he isn't in a lot of pain and looking at perhaps not being able to dance in a contest coming up for which he really wants to win.  He needs Alex with him to make sure he will be ready for that and that he will be able to perform at all of the scheduled stops in between.
Well it isn't long before the conflict turns into sexy banter, then into sex between the two and the scenes are smoking.  If you don't like explicit sex this book isn't for you.  In the end Alex and Violet part ways, she doesn't want a life that is always moving, she wants to settle down into a home she's already picked out and do her work from there.  Traveling for a life is something she just doesn't want.  Her childhood taught her to dislike moving all of the time.
I won't say more as you will have to read the book in order to see how things work out.
I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  I did enjoy the book!
Here is a description as found on Good Reads:
Fairy tales aren’t just for princesses

Superstar Alex Jackson steers clear of any emotional involvement after a series of life-changing events turned his life, and heart, inside out and upside down. Broken and deeply scarred, he has sworn to remain single and emotionally aloof to all women.

Physiotherapist Violet McKenzie, is distrustful of men—famous men being at the top of her list for good reason. She’s learned a thing or two about them and has made a conscious effort to stay as far away as she possibly can.

Until sexy Alex needs her professional assistance after a stage mishap and she becomes his personal physio. Violet has sworn off love, but when Alex’s hot kisses keep her up at night longing for more, she wonders if she can remain steadfast to her personal promise to never fall for the wrong guy again.

Can a superstar and an ordinary girl have a happily ever after, or is that only reserved for the songs Alex sings?

Praise for Joanne Dannon - “A sexy superstar hero who has it all except the love of the right woman and an ordinary working girl whose job propels her into the heart of the hero's glamorous life. Joanne Dannon's wonderfully emotional story will sweep you away.” – Rachael Thomas, Harlequin Presents author.