Sunday, May 1, 2016

Liz: The Montana McKennas (The Montana Ranchers Book 7) I gave this one five stars!

I always love to read Jan Scarbroughs books!  I just discovered her lately as an author and I do like reading her books. I am going to have to read some of the other books in this family of books.  I haven't read the other books in this group, I have to say this book stood by itself just fine.  It was a fast read, I liked the characters, It was nice to read a novel about someone who is in their 50's because I am, she thought her romantic life was over as she had lost her husband of so many years.  Her daughter writes a book about the family and the man who comes to stay on their ranch which is always full of visitors during the summer months that is how they make their money, but this is off season and she is told he needs to get away from Hollywood for a break.  What she isn't told is that the book her daughter wrote which she hasn't' read yet, they are hoping this screen writer sees their ranch as a hopeful sight for movie rights.  Liz is not very happy about that and decides she better read the book. The screen writer is her age and happens to be very good looking and a really nice guy.  Of course they have sparks flying between them before long, how could a romantic book be written without that?  Read the book to find out how things evolve.  It's a fast read and leaves you wanting to read more of the books in this group!

Description as found on Good Reads: She'd had the great love of her life. Was she foolish to want another one? 

Liz McKenna’s dreams died along with her husband. Now she’s become the keeper of dreams for others. She’s done everything she can to keep the McKenna ranch running and to move on with her life. She'd learned to knit and play the piano. Distracted herself with hobbies. And yet, there was no avoiding the deep, unspoken unhappiness. Was it the burden of running the dude ranch? The responsibility of keeping her husband’s dream alive? At fifty-five, was she put out to pasture, too old to have dreams of her own?

Producer and scriptwriter Chaz Kingston is burned out by the ruthlessly competitive world of Hollywood. He’s tired of the empty celebrity lifestyle of his ex-wife and her daughters who are only famous for being famous. He’s tired of a life chasing the next hot trend, the next hot script. And he’s mourning the senseless death of his brother. Then he’s offered the chance to write a script based on a real life feel-good family novel about a dude ranch in Montana. Maybe blue skies and open spaces are what this silver fox needs. But he never dreamed his R&R would include a beautiful widow.