Monday, May 30, 2016

The Memory Of Us - A Novel by Camille Di Maio - Great book!

I received this book through in exchange for a fair and honest review which I am happy to do.  I loved this book!  The story went places I thought ah I know what is coming next, didn't happen, not the predictable.  It was happy and it was sad.  At some points it just made me feel so sad for the characters.  I wanted more when it ended.  Great read.  You won't want to put it down. I don't want to say anything more about the story than you find below as I don't want to give you hints as to where the story goes.  The characters are so real, they are fully presented, you feel you know them. 

Description as found on Good Reads: Julianne Westcott was living the kind of life that other Protestant girls in prewar Liverpool could only dream about: old money, silk ball gowns, and prominent young men lining up to escort her. But when she learns of a blind-and-deaf brother, institutionalized since birth, the illusion of her perfect life and family shatters around her.

While visiting her brother in secret, Julianne meets and befriends Kyle McCarthy, an Irish Catholic groundskeeper studying to become a priest. Caught between her family’s expectations, Kyle’s devotion to the church, and the intense new feelings that the forbidden courtship has awakened in her, Julianne must make a choice: uphold the life she’s always known or follow the difficult path toward love.